Author: Bruce Baumann

We Are Change Colorado Feeds Homeless

Inspired by 90-year old Arnold Abbott (arrested for feeding the homeless), We Are Change Colorado donates Nature’s Path Organic bars and fruit to the homeless at the Denver Rescue Mission. Huge thanks to Christina Tobin – Founder of Free and Equal Elections – for donating the Nature’s Path bars and sharing this idea originally! Importantly, this action started out front of Denver’s Federal Reserve Bank – one of the branches of America’s privately owned central bank granted with the power of creating currency out of thin air and charging interest on it. The Federal Reserve’s exponential currency creation has...

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We Are Change Interviews Foster and Kimberly Gamble

Foster and Kimberly Gamble – creators of Thrive – sit down with Bruce Baumann of We Are Change Colorado, before Free & Equal’s United We Stand Festival May 10th to discuss the content of Thrive and other topics ranging from the power of love, transcending politics, overcoming fear and taking action.  Foster Gamble says he sometimes finds himself asking “What Would Luke (Rudkowski) Do?!” Kimberly Gamble describes their world-famous documentary Thrive (released 11-11-11) as a preview of their bigger vision, which is the Thrive Movement Solutions Hub – a place to network with local people involved in over 1000+...

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Unlawful Arrest Outside GMA Leadership Forum

Now that both Colorado and Oregon have GMO labeling questions on their November ballots, one might wonder what Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA) are doing to stop that? On August 22-24, the GMA hosted their inaugural “GMA Leadership Forum” at the luxurious Broadmoor Hotel ($455 min/night) in Colorado Springs.  After reading through the 20-page attendee list, you might describe their meeting as a ‘food-Bilderberg group.’  The list includes 100s of executives from numerous billion-dollar corporations including Monsanto, Google, Walmart, Dupont, Pepsi, Coke, NASCAR, Kroger, GE, Kraft, Conagra, The Carlyle Group, Cargill, Hershey’s, Mars, General Mills, Kellogg, Unilever,...

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Aspen Ideas Festival

What do Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Tony Blair, David Petraeus and Newt Gingrich all have in common?  All of them attended the “Afternoon Conversation” held in Aspen, Colorado, (6/30), at the Aspen Ideas Festival, which runs from June 27th until July 3rd.  The festival is hosted,by The Aspen Institute, for the purpose of ‘engaging in deep and inquisitive discussion of the ideas and issues that both shape our lives and challenge our times.’  “We are imagining 2024.” The ideas being discussed at the Aspen Ideas Festival make some wonder if this is comparable to Colorado’s own Bilderberg conference.  Over...

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Hillary Clinton Lies About Attending Bilderberg While In Denver

Although it seems like Hillary Clinton has already been selected as the 2016 President, she continues get hammered. Recently, Hillary had a shoe thrown at her, she had to choke on her own comments about being ‘dead broke,’ she was confronted by Luke Rudkowski about why she supported arming Al Qaeda and June 23rd, while in Denver, for the Global Clinton Initiative Conference, she was confronted about her attendance at Bilderberg Group, while signing her new book. Even after being shown a picture of her at the secretive globalist planning conference, she still denied attending Bilderberg. The person who posted the...

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Colorado Wants A Mandatory GMO Label

What are GMOs and why aren’t they labeled?  Those questions will be answered more in 2014, than any year before. After last week’s announcement that the Colorado Supreme Court approved the ballot initiative 48 language, Right To Know Colorado is now moving forward with the petitioning process to gain the 86,105 signatures needed by August to force a November vote on whether genetically modified organisms – GMOS – in food would legally be required to have a label. “We are pleased that the state Supreme Court ruled in favor of the GMO labeling ballot title, and we look forward...

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‘Burning the Beekeeper’ Documentary Exposes Corrupt Prosecution of Occupy Fort Collins Demonstrator After the city of Fort Collins, Colorado and Larimer County paid $10 million dollars to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit out of court with Timothy Masters in 2010, for wrongfully convicting him of the grisly 1987 murder of Peggy Hettrick, another Fort Collins case has emerged that is eerily similar. ‘Burning the Beekeeper: The Benjamin David Gilmore Story,’ was created to show evidence, from two separate trials, that proves Gilmore’s innocence in the $10 million dollar fire at the Mason Flats Apartments in Fort Collins on October 24, 2011.  The documentary points to two other individuals, transients...

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Immediate Activism Needed To Stop TPP

We Are Changers around the world still have a chance to help stop the secret passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Yesterday, Wikileaks published a 95-page page excerpt of the TPP’s most recent draft. All TPP trade negotiations have been kept completely secret from journalists, politicians and the public, while access has been granted to more than 600 corporate lobbyists and unelected government officials involved in the drafting process. This time around, the Trans-Pacific Partnership looks to exponentially expand its scope more so than any other previous trade agreement. The TPP Trade Agreement currently involves 12 countries: United States, Japan, Australia,...

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