By Alec Cope
We Are Change

The crook and fake Hillary Clinton was recently on an installment of “Chair Chat” with chairman of the South Carolina Democratic party, Jaime Harrison. During the interview, she put on a poor Southern accent – then the Weekly Standard made a montage of it.

See the full interview here.

Here at We Are Change, we’ve invested a lot of time into understanding how she works. From her supporters having no clue how her policies work, Hillary accepting 500K in jewelry from the head chopping terrorist funding Saudi state, how she defended a guilty child-rapist and laughed about it and so much else. Below are some of her other, “achievements”:

* Goldman Sachs, Times-Warner, Fox News and several international banking dynasties are her biggest campaign donors.

* She laughed about the total devastation of Libya and the killing of Muammar Gadaffi .

* Fights “inequality” through her 200K speeches.

* Here’s a quote by her: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran”

* States she had nothing to hide in her email servers; which she then wiped clean.

That’s just the start of it all. She has also played a demonstrable part in the destruction of Ukraine and possible war with Russia. Here she is laughing in Luke Rudkowski’s face when asked why we are funding Al Qaeda in Libya:

So this interview she did using her fake Southern accent is considered minor from her usual behavior. We feel so passionately that she’s a menace, we created this video for her:

Then this video:

If you don’t want this woman sitting where Obama is currently sitting; share this article. Share it with anyone who believes she will make a “good president.

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