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The Top 7 Reasons Marine Le Pen Is A Globalist-Stomping Bad Ass

With the French presidential election this weekend, the people of France are being offered a true choice. On one side, the globalist backed banker Emmanuel Macron will ensure the wishes of the world elite continue taking their toll on France. On the other side, Marine Le Pen is promising an independent France the likes of which have not been seen in decades. Here are the top 7 reasons Marine Le Pen is a globalist-stomping bad ass, and a nightmare for the likes of George Soros and the Rothschilds. 1. No, she won’t wear that hijab. In February, Le Pen was...

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Facebook Suspends Popular News Analyst Mark Dice For Criticizing Transgender Soap Commercial

Popular author and conservative YouTube media analyst Dice was locked out of his account for 24 hours after posting a comment mocking a Dove soap commercial which featured a transgender male-to-female mother. Dice’s post, seen below, was deleted by Facebook. “The Dove soap company has a new commercial out titled ‘No One Right Way’ which features a transgender ‘woman’ as a new ‘mom’ holding ‘her’ little baby. Excuse me now while I go grab some Irish Spring to clean up my puke,” wrote Dice. After conservative media outlets began covering the Facebook suspension, Facebook sent Dice a message claiming the...

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YouTube Community Rallies Around PewDiePie After Fake News Hit Job

Some news outlets send journalists to investigate the edges of society, looking to expose the dark criminals that prey on unsuspecting people. Then there is the Wall Street Journal. Three “journalists” at the Wall Street Journal used their time and effort to smear the most popular YouTuber of all time, PewDiePie a.k.a. Felix Kjellberg, in a pathetic attempt to police speech and grab attention. Kjellberg, a comedian with over 53 million subscribers on YouTube, had his YouTube Red series “Scare PewDiePie” cancelled and was dropped by Maker Studios, owned by Disney, after the Wall Street Journal published an article framing...

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“F— White People, F— Trump” – Man Kidnapped, Tortured in Chicago

Four people have been taken into custody in Chicago after apparently kidnapping and torturing a special-needs man they claimed supports Donald Trump. The hate crime was live streamed to Facebook yesterday. The video captured below is from that live stream. It is graphic and disturbing. (UPDATE: Hate Crime, Kidnapping Charges Filed Against 4 in Chicago Torture Case) The mainstream media has been saturated with hate crime hoaxes attempting to depict Trump supporters as KKK members and Neo-Nazis. Will the media cover this insane real story, or expose their bias and ignore this actual and shocking hate crime? Via Fox 32 News:...

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Politico EXPOSED For Lazy Hit Piece On Real News, We Are Change

  [Written by Rachel Blevins] Luke Rudkowski’s response to the latest Politico hitpiece: This sorry excuse for a story is one of those that puts the “lame” in the lamestream media, and it attempted to call out both me and, saying that we spread “fake news.” In reality, Simon Van Zuylen-Wood’s “This is What It’s Like to Read Fake News for Two Weeks” reads like the diary of a New York Hipster who is bitching and moaning because his echo-chamber has burst and he is trying to cope outside of his safe space. There is one initial point...

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