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GOP draft of Obamacare repeal plan could leave 20 Million people without insurance

A new GOP draft for repealing Obamacare indicates that as many as 20 million Americans could lose insurance. Politico’s Paul Demko on Friday presented a draft of the bill drafted by House Republicans that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. While the details of the draft are not final, it is a widespread plan that would take apart crucial aspects of Obamacare, particularly Medicaid expansion and taxes that currently fund the health care law. Larry Levitt – senior VP at the non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation added: “A substantial number of people could lose coverage because it’s no longer affordable.” The draft...

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Department of Homeland Security Cancels Obama’s Policies – Agents told to Expand Deportations

John F. Kelly – Homeland Security Secretary – ordered federal agents to increase arrests and deportations of illegal immigrants, undermining Obama Administration immigration policies. This initiation of one of President Trump’s top campaign promises comes along with the its embrace of DACA and DAPA, two Obama Administrations Executive Orders designed to prevent deportation of select classes of illegal immigrants. DHS are also more likely to increase presence and crackdown of illegal border crossing, Washington Times reports. Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly announced this week that the DHS will be initiating a mass deportation program targeting individuals living in the United...

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Trump to Send NASA to ‘deep space’ With Plans to Privatize ‘Low Earth Orbit’

During Trump’s Inaugural address, he said: “We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space.” How does President Trump aim to accomplish this goal? Trump’s aim is to have humanity exploring the entire solar system by the 22nd century. Robert Walker – former congressman – was chosen to draft Trump’s space policy during the campaign. He told Yahoo News about the administration’s plan to place “low Earth orbit” missions predominantly in the hands of the private sector – exceptions for military and intelligence satellites. “As we look toward going back to the...

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