Author: Emily Love

French Police Raid Headquarters of Marine Le Pen’s National Front Party in Possible Attempt to Undermine her Increasing Popularity

Immediately after leader Marine Le Pen left for Lebanon on her first official visit out of state, French government agents raided her office as part of an investigation into “fake jobs.” According to state officials, this raid is part of a probe to “find evidence related to the ongoing enquiry” as to whether leader Marine Le Pen misappropriated European Parliament funds in her hiring decisions, referring to two individuals whom Ms. Le Pen allegedly improperly hired as parliamentary assistants.

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Julian Assange Faces His Fate Two Out Of Three Ecuadorian Presidential Candidates Want To End His Asylum

After more than four years sheltering inside Ecuador’s Embassy in London, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange could have Wikileak’s signature hourglass run out. Two out of three Ecuadorian presidential candidates want to end Assange’s’ asylum.

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